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S2S Payments Set-Up

The Direct HTTP integration works by allowing you to keep the Customer on your system through the checkout process while processing the transactions via the Gateway in the background. This allows you to provide a smoother, more complete checkout process to the Customer. If you wish to take card details on your website, or style your payment pages, then you either need to use the Direct integration or use the Hosted integration and request a Custom Hosted Payment Page for your website.

To use the Direct integration your website must have a SSL Certificate. You will also need to consider the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI:DSS) when capturing card details. For more information, please see

In addition to transaction processing, the Direct integration can be used to perform other actions such as refunds and cancellations which can provide a more advanced integration with the Gateway.

This guide provides the information required to integrate with the PurePay Gateway and gives a very basic example of code for doing so. It is expected that you have some experience in server side scripting with languages such as PHP or ASP, or that an off-the-shelf software package is being used that has in-built or plug-in support for the PurePay Gateway.

Below you will find our Server to Server integration guide, which will help you getting started

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