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We have made a clear overview of needed documents needed for ensuring an approval according to scheme requirements. Please be aware that not all documents are needed for all industries. We’re working on a better overview which will show per industry, till then reach out to your payment expert to make sure.


Company Requirements

  • Certificate of incorporation as issued by company registrar
  • Memorandum and articles of association for the merchant issued by company registrar
  • Certificates listing company directors, current shareholders and registered address issued by company registrar
  • Copies of passports for all directors, beneficial owners and authorised signatories signing documents on behalf of company in color
  • Utility bill for all directors, owners and authorised signers (Can’t be mobile, landline, internet or TV invoices but can be a bank statement showing address and name)
  • If history available then 3-6 months of processing history showing refund, chargebacks and general revenue or
  • If start-up, we would require a business plan and a cashflow forecast (Which we have examples for you here: Business Plan / Cashflow Forecast)
  • Proof of Domain
  • Last three months of company bank statement or audited financial statements which has to include payment information
  • Local representation in the country of incorporation

Industry Requirements

  • Supplier Agreements/Invoices if selling physical products
  • License agreements
  • Copy of operating license
  • Rental Agreement/Invoice for rent
  • Active Login Details to review member area (if you have a user back-end)
  • Lab tests of all CBD products (If selling CBD/Hemp products)
  • Call Scripts/Customer Authorization forms for MOTO Sales/Outbound Calls
  • Customer Service Email Address and/or Ticketing System
  • Processing statements or screenshots of current processing history showing last six months of sales, chargebacks and refunds with volumes and counts – If indications of chargebacks an explanation is required with a chargeback reduction plan.
  • Sole Proprietors to show proof of this in form of legal registration document
  • PCI self assessment questionnaire
  • PCI scans done on the website from a PCI approved distributor

Note: All the company documents must be in English. Bank statement and utility bill has to be dated from last 3 months.


Website Requirements

  • Active Customer Service Phone Number (Should be added to the footer or contact page)
  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Refund and Shipping Policies (Needs to be added in the footer)
  • SSL Secured Payment Page for online sales (All checkout pages)
  • Company name and address added to the footer
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