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What are Recurring Payments?

To offer a line of products or a service that your customers wishes to buy again and again is a good business. It is userfriendly where the customers doesn’t have to remember to visit your website or re-order your products everytime. Adding recurring payments offers you the option of selling products or services automatically. It can make it easier for both you and the customers in terms of simplicity.

Simple breakdown, recurring payments are the ones running without need of manual assistance. It means that your customer are charged automatically on the products or services that they have accepted to recieve every now and then as per agreed terms. All recurring payments are initiated with a first time sale which can look like this:


  1. Customers adds a products of yours to their basket which they want on a regular basis.
  2. Customers has to approve the terms and conditions and wait for an authorization.
  3. Customers comes on your payment page in order to input their card information and confirm the payment. After this is done according to terms they are now a recurring customer of yours until they cancel their subscription with you.
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