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2019 has hit! Let’s do business

2018 became 2019 - We are ready PurePay has start 2019 with a inspired attitude and is ready for a year with many many changes in the credit card processing game. We are not only looking at our second year helping merchants find solutions for their businesses. But we are also looking at Mastercard changing

merry christmas happy new year-purepay
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Merry Christmas - PurePay has had an amazing start of starting to help advertisers to get mids, and other imperative tools to make money online. Whether it has been high risk merchant accounts or if it has been low risk. Or even small, medium

MCC Codes – Merchant Category Codes

What is my MCC Code and what can it mean? Here we are giving you all the MCC codes that exist to make sure you can figure out and fix if your MCC code is wrong. MCC codes is a code attached with your merchant accounts and are assigned to you when in the application

High Risk Merchant – What now?

High Risk Overview  Have you been categorized as a high risk merchant and you are now wondering what this means for you. And how you can get merchant accounts. We have covered far and wide about what high risk means and how it effects you. But have never written a guide to what is going

Rolling Reserves Explained
Rolling Reserves Explained

A rolling reserve is a chargeback risk prevention tool, and is used with any business model that is deemed high risk of getting them. For the most part bank will set a firm percentage based on the risk involved with the business. Can be 5%-20% of transaction value per month. (10% of 100.000 processed would

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Tradeshows for Purepay 2019

Purepay's Upcoming Tradeshows ICE London (2/5- 2/7, London UK) London Affiliate Conference (2/6- 2/9, London UK) eTail West (2/26- 3/1, Palm Springs, CA) CNP Expo (5/21-5/24, San Francisco CA) IRCE (6/5- 6/8, Chicago IL) Affiliate World Europe (7/8- 7/9, Barcelona Spain) Affiliate Summit East (8/11- 8/13, New York City, NY) eTail East (8/19- 8/22, Boston

high risk industries
What Are High Risk Industries

What categorizes a merchant as high risk besides MCC codes. It is based on product sold, company location, straight-sale/webshop or recurring, Card not present, if risk for chargebacks is high. Which is most acquirers is above 1% even though some industries are under but still counts as high risk merchants. There are three categories of

The MATCH List
The MATCH List: What it Means to Be Listed (and How to Avoid it)

Match is a watch list for acquirers and mid providers with Mastercard also named MasterCard Alert to Control High-risk Merchants. It's used to track history of all companies so they can minimize risk on their end. As well as MATCH having codes for termination, there is also MCC codes which is used to identify merchants. MATCH is

PurePay Mastercard
Mastercard puts negative option billing into a box on it’s own

New Mastercard regulativ for nutraceutical merchants Mastercard is second largest card issuer in the world, and is one of two card brands mainly used with negative option billing merchants. They are now in the process of rethinking their regulations when it comes to negative option or "free trial" billing. What does this mean to me and

high vs low risk
Low Risk vs. High Risk Merchant Accounts

Self-Check: Are You a High Risk Merchant? People don't usually like taking risks in life and especially not with their money. This is the same for most merchant account providers. So, how do you know if a bank or merchant account provider will issue you an account? How can you tell if you're looking for

fraud season
31% fraud spike for holiday sales

I was on where i was reading about that from Thanksgiving to 31. December 2017 fraud transactions grew, and it sadly doesn't amaze me. Since we have been seeing growing numbers in our own portfolio and it seems like it is getting easier to scam etc. BUT a 31% growth is just nuts and

What is a High Risk Merchant Account
What is a High Risk Merchant Account

What is a High Risk Merchant Account (Explained)First thoughts surrounding processing, is if you want to accept credit card payments on your shop, project etc. There will be costs associated with it, the major card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) will charge interchange fees in order for you to utilize their network and the Merchant Service

What is a Chargeback QnA
What is a Chargeback QnA

What is a chargeback?A chargeback is a transaction reversal meant to serve as a form of consumer protection from fraudulent activity committed by both merchants and individualsPurePay can help you decrease and avoid chargebacks.How do chargebacks work?Chargebacks can be confusing, period. In fact, we spend a lot of time answering this very question. Simply put, a chargeback is

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