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Payment Services Directive 2: How to Deal with the Current Situation

In our current global climate, safety is the main priority. Especially financial safety. Our money affects everything and trusting others with it can be a struggle. When buying things online and providing payments, we need to ensure that our money is safe. PurePay is ready to help you with that.

PurePay and PSD2

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) optimizes transaction security and efficiency. It serves for two main purposes: one is to eradicate rampant financial scams and another one is to stimulate merchant competition to produce more consumer options. Businesses that find a way to comply become competitors for the security specialists. PurePay team is aligned with PSD2 and puts its customers first. The service we provide is simple and safe and it’s available in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and more.

PurePay has taken all measures in compliance with PSD2. The means of operations we use gear towards clients in jeopardy of fraudulent schemes. Our clients are merchants whose business operations are prey for e-commerce scammers. Their means for consumer transactions are often targets. PurePay provides extra security for both merchants and buyers during transactions. The bottom line for our company is safety for the customers, their partners and the counties that they serve for. This is why compliance with European Union and PSD2 is our priority.

Before PSD2 only banking and automatic payment systems were in place. Now, special technologies from middle-man companies aid in secure authentication processes. For example, they ask security questions or a special number that only the buyer has an answer and access to. These technologies also aid in securing the payment to sellers. For financial protection they ensure transactions are sent to the bank fast. This way customers can check out their online banking and see the status of their payment. In the case of process interruption, both the buyer and the merchant would know. No money lost. All eyes will be on it to keep the money safe.

Pure and Easy

One may think an easy process means easy access for theft. This is false for PurePay. We do the hard work of coding, scripting and protecting so that merchants and consumers enjoy the ease of a simple transaction. PurePay caters to e-commerce clients that need quick and transparent payment servers. The gateways between internet servers are secure and simple to use. They allow security service options for merchants and buyers. For transactions, merchants can control gateways processing through specialized coding and scripting. This technology blocks out virus software that steals information and currency.

Purely One of a Kind

PurePay offers a payment processing that packages everything a merchant needs. We provide an organized template for easy access to crucial information for merchants. Sales numbers, customer information, and transactions arranged for easy viewing.

The competition made by PSD2 let us show off patented services and quality. We want customers to feel familiar with the company by expressing all fees and costs. There will be no surprise fees along the way because transparency is our pride. PurePay also guarantees exceptional customer service. We know that running a business comes with risks so our services will not cause more stress. Merchants can expect responsive and attentive help.


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