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Become a referral partner with US!

 We work closely with acquirers and solutions across the Europe and North America which will ensure your merchants with the best service and commercial benefits.

Partnering up with PurePay


We´re a strong believer in that everything starts with respect and responsiveness, but also to be focused on ideas and setups that ensures execution. This means that the banks we work with are the best on the market and will ensure approvals and happiness amongs the merchants and that in return means happiness for you.

There is a famous saying “two heads are better than one.” partnering with us, means, we do not only share resources but also ideas, vision and enthusiasm. We believe that a partnership is the most strategic way for both businesses to scale our innovation and solve complex challenges. If you are an energetic team player, we promise you a bond to glow together.

Who can partner with us?

We´re always looking for certain solutions to work with to make our solutions and system work the best on your merchants behalfs, so you get the best knowledge and service from us and our acquirers.
– Media Agencies
– Hosting companies
– Programming and Webdesign companies
– SEO / Marketing Agencies
– SAAS providers
– Service providers
– Corporate Structuring providers


What do we offer?

Outstanding Partner Rates

Appropriate partner rates for your maximum revenue while discovering commercial abilities and growth for your clients.

Dedicated Manager

Experienced partner managers are dedicated to make sure that you find help when you need it.

Risk Management

High-end payment gateway solution ensures fraud prevention and lower chargebacks level keeping mids healthy.

Absolute Control

Receive reports of your commercial activity and customer insights to learn about the aspects of your business and take charge.

Acquiring Freedom

Choose from the best rates, as we work independently with multiple banks instead of being owned or controlled by just one acquiring bank.

Multiple Services

From Corporation Setup to Credit Card Processing, our wide rang of services let you to access enormous opportunities.

Why should YOU chose us?

The answers is easy, because it comes to a benefit for you as well as your customers/merchants, as you can build a strong but passive income for your business. With a partnership we ensure the best terms for your merchants, whilst assuring growth and commercial abilities. We´re always very flexible for our commission structure for our partners and since we´re the most transparent solution out there. We will tell you precisely what you stand to make by working with us, 50% of all the profits made on your referrals.

We devote ourselves to our partners and their merchants as we believe that we grow with you, not alone.

Flexibility is the name of the game which means, it isn´t locked to just 1 solution but we can move freely and make your merchants dreams come true.

We work with multiple  payment gateways which comes with industry leading fraud and chargeback protection systems, designed to protect their businesses. The client dashboard gives them total performance control by giving them a complete overview of their commercial activity and in-depth customer insights. We would also enable an overview to you to always keep track of the merchants.

You and your merchants would always be getting the best service and respect on the market, so do not hesitate to contact us today!