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Best Services for Online Dating Merchants

Online Dating Merchant Account and Services

To process dating payments online as one offs or recurring subscriptions you will require a high risk payment gateway. The payment gateway works by encrypting customer card details ensuring they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Having a secure and efficient dating site or app payment gateway builds customer trust when paying for your services. PurePay Payments Limited will provide you with tailored Online Dating Merchant Services to best fit the needs for your Online Dating Services.

Costs Associated with Online Dating Merchant Account and Payment Facilitation

  • Merchant discount rate;
  • Transaction fees;
  • Monthly gateway fee;
  • Rolling reserve, depending on the acquirer;
  • Chargeback fee;
  • Refund fee.

PurePay Payments as Your Online Dating Business' Payment Partner

PurePay Payments will enable you to accept card payments online on a global scale. We have a nexus of acquirers for you to choose from multiple payments options. Contact us today to learn how we deliver the best credit card payment services to the Online Dating industry.

Benefits of Choosing PurePay as Payment Partner for your Online Dating Sites and Apps

  • Comprehensive solutions for dating sites
  • Secure card payment gateway
  • Simplified payment widget and more
  • Settlement amount paid directly to your business bank account
  • Qualitative services for reasonable fee(s)
  • No hidden charges
  • Responsive client support (Via Skype, Phone, Email or WhatsApp)
  • One stop shop for payment methods

Why is Dating considered High Risk?

There are a few reasons behind dating being classified as high risk, and the basic answer is that the card schemes have deemed anything with any sort of risk factor is high risk. Dating is very well known for building a set-up where customers either write bots or humans being paid by the dating provider in order to seem active. If this is the case, then it will be in the risk zone of getting chargebacks and fraud which will make it difficult to continue processing with most acquirers.