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Payment mechanisms are getting easier. Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) is making lives even easier. It’s an easy transaction solution for merchants and even for buyers. So, why has MOTO already not taken over?

MOTO payments have their own story of becoming popular and being resisted from being the next big thing. Although, there is no doubt that this mechanism is a phenomenon in the industry. Especially, a blessing for merchants to make their transactions easy.

The MOTO revolution

Why is the simple payment mechanism so revolutionary? MOTO payments are also called “card not present” payments. Thus, one can perform transaction through providing card information over the phone or e-mail!

Hence, the buyer need not be present at the place of the transaction. The costs are usually high in the short-run, but in the long-run it is a much cheaper method. So, if we can incorporate the mechanism within our system, it will decrease transaction cost in general.

Why incorporate MOTO with your business

Customers are wanting easy transactions every day. This revolutionary mechanism of payment makes payment procedure easier, faster and cheaper. This is becoming a must add to your business.

Merchant accounts for MOTO processing is a focus of PurePay. Furthermore, we can help you find the right bank and the right terms needed to get your credit card processing. Also, they are considered to be high risk merchant account because of possible threats. So, with PurePay you can easily seek help in setting up your MOTO merchant account.

The risks involved

The risks of MOTO processing are as evident as its benefits! It is quite obvious that people don’t always feel comfortable sharing their card information over the phone or mail.

You might be setting up the mist reliable business and have the best customer base. But, you never know who is controlling the traffic on the web or the web. Thus, one small incidence can cause your business to be in threats. Even worse, you might start losing your old clients.

What to do?

Risks are part of any business. MOTO will help you grow fast. You have to ensure the safety of your customers at any cost. If needed, you can have a set of experts to keep track.

Most importantly, the future of payments is moving towards mail order/telephone order. So, to remain competitive in the market, you have to adapt. And not only adapt, but provide a better experience than other.

Saying no to MOTO is not an option but saying yes to better service delivery is.

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