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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas – PurePay has had an amazing start of starting to help advertisers to get mids, and other imperative tools to make money online. Whether it has been high risk merchant accounts or if it has been low risk. Or even small, medium or large sizes companies. We have made sure that we have treated everyone to the same service and coherent experience.

We have huge expectation for ourselves and PurePay for next year and we hope to take the new year with as many great merchants as we have in the end of 2018 when we started.

PurePay will make sure that 2019 will serve as an even greater year. We will work even harder to keep our service level high and our prevention tools on top of their game for your benefits. In conclusion we wish you, your business and family a merry christmas and a happy new years eve.

We are still around though!

We are a non stop train, so we will be working for you all holiday. When all the banks, and partners are celebrating, we are working for you! So feel free to contact us with any needs or wants, and we will fix it.


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