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Is Shopify for you?

Shopify is now supported by PurePay, for our merchants! We tend to link you to the most efficient business systems. And this is a major part of it. Hence, let’s get to know more about how Shopify would help enhance your business. Also, being a member of the PurePay family surely gives you the ultimate scope to grow.

Why wait? Visit the Shopify website now! Check out all the cool themes and pricing. Interestingly, the also offer a free trial. Try it out today.

If you are new to Shopify, this is where you can surely find your answers. Hence, we look into it from scratch. What it is to how it is beneficial. Nonetheless, online search would recommend it for your top e-commerce platform to set up your online shop. It helps you with the payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools. Let’s find out more!

What is Shopify?

Shopify helps you develop your e-commerce store. This is very handy for merchants who want to operate at a small scale. Otherwise for bigger sellers, it could be a good platform to sell their occasional different products.

This platform is mostly helpful for merchants requiring small configurations. Therefore, it even provides services to merchants who only require an online home page. You may not require a whole bunch of fancy pages on you site. Why is this important? It saves money.

Hence, it is a smart way out for small merchants. Especially for the ones who are new in business and don’t want to spare a lot of money into a fancy web. Efficient and cost-effective. More importantly, it can guide you with every phase of your business like payment to shipping. You just need to ask for it.

Benefits of Shopify

Benefits of such a platform can be for both small and big merchants. Although, smaller merchants are more likely to make the most out of it. Importantly when it comes to effectively taking out your product to the competitive online market. But in a cost-effective way.

So here are a few benefits mentioned but trust me, it goes well beyond all this:

  1. It’s affordable- but provides way more than it costs
  2. Great visuals- having a website with a weak outlook turns away customers no matter what you provide
  3. Great filter search system for a big inventory- customers do not get lost when they visit your website
  4. Web hosting and security hassles are concerns of Shopify- you just need to focus on growing your business
  5. App integration- you can even integrate your business app to the website

The list goes on……..

PurePay helps you grow

Once you get your website set with Shopify, you need to think of growing bigger. How? Simple, just be with PurePay! When you do not have to worry about the website hassles, you have time to think about the actual business. This is why we support Shopify. Business grows when you can focus solely on the products and services.

So, let Shopify manage your website and PurePay handle all the payment hassles. PurePay helps high-risk merchants to grow. We work with merchants from high-risk industries. Our motto is to grow together. And provide services accordingly.

Join us now!

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