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How Hard Is It To Get An Adult Merchant Account?

The adult entertainment industry is showing a high degree of growth as more and more research on the development of this market is released. Payment processing for this industry is usually considered to be high-risk, so it can be difficult to find a reliable adult credit card processor. Today, we’ll reveal some steps on how to obtain an adult merchant account.

State of the adult industry today

Nowadays, there are several types of adult businesses that may qualify, including:

  •     Pornography.
  •     Adult toys and novelties.
  •     Adult bookstores.
  •     Adult massage businesses.
  •     Escort services.
  •     Online dating sites.
  •     Membership sites with adult content.
  •     Online stores selling adult lingerie and clothing.
  •     Strip clubs.

How to get an adult merchant account for your business?

The adult industry is quite controversial as its legal status differs from one country to another. Before opening your adult merchant account, please review your national and local legislation or contact a specialist to advise you. In obtaining an account, a merchant may face several challenges, so let’s look at some of them as well as possible solutions.

  • Most major banks and credit card companies don’t work with adult industry merchants. You can resolve this issue by contacting an international credit card processing company for adult content.
  • Chargebacks are excessive. This can be solved with clear and intuitive billing, sending receipts via email and requiring signatures upon delivery.
  • Government regulations and laws. The only solution here is to comply with them.
  • Frequency of “malicious behavior” on adult websites. Creating a secure and trustworthy website can help you have the best adult merchant account in the UK and beyond.

Here, you can find the list of documents you need to prepare to obtain an adult merchant account.

How can you increase your chances of getting an adult merchant account?

To acquire services for credit card processing for adult industries, remember that you need to be as forthcoming as possible as a business. Keep in mind the following:

  •     Don’t hide your credit reputation.
  •     Have some savings to open a reserve account.
  •     Show that your business is legitimate.
  •     Be prepared for additional payments.  

Commonly Asked Questions

Here we want to shed some more light on common questions about adult payment processing that may help you to have the best adult merchant account.

Why is the adult industry referred to as high-risk?

The industry has many stereotypes that discourage payment processors from providing services for adult merchant accounts. Additionally, the industry’s legal landscape differs around the world. Also, don’t forget the high number of chargebacks.

What happens if the processor is unwilling to accept my adult business?

First of all, you should check why your adult industry payment processing application was rejected. If you are a legitimate business, you will find a processor that can help you with adult merchant account solutions. PurePay works with legal high-risk merchant accounts in Europe and beyond, providing them with high-quality merchant services for adult entertainment.

What fees are included in PurePay’s adult credit card processing?

There are several factors that affect adult payment processing fees. You can find them and include terms here.

Final thoughts

We hope that you now understand whether it’s difficult or not to obtain adult industry credit card processing particularly for your company, as well as find an adult entertainment payment processor. We can’t tell you which is the best payment processor for adult content, as it primarily depends on the needs of your business. At PurePay, we help e-commerce businesses in high-risk industries by providing merchant account services and payment solutions across the UK and beyond. If you would like to apply for an adult merchant account, please contact us to find out the best way to process adult credit card payments!

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