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Online gambling payment processing

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PurePay provides gambling merchant accounts for e-commerce merchants with the best terms on the market and we ensure you get a bank specializing and understanding high risk industries like adult credit card processing. Contact us already today if you´re interested in getting a gambling merchant accounts by clicking on Get a quote or going to our contact page. PurePay’s solutions are available for e-commerce businesses, offline businesses and much more so do not hesitate to fill out a pre-app today.
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Fees that PurePay will charge depend on factors like processing history, method of sales, destination countries, volume of sales, and products. All Gambling Merchant Accounts are unique but included terms stay the same for most: merchant discount rate (MDR), transaction fees, monthly gateway fee, 0-6 month rolling reserve, chargeback fee, refund fee


from 1.50%

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from €0.10


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from 0%


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from €0.5

Online Gambling Payment Processors

The online gaming industry is undoubtedly hugely profitable in recent times, owing to the skyrocketed growth rate with no sign of stopping any time soon. The successes recorded so far in the gaming market can be attributed to the continuous adaption to the rapidly changing market. Statistics show that many of these successes were recorded in different categories of the gaming industry, such as casinos, esports, igaming, lotteries, sports betting, and many more.

Studies also reveal that the online gambling market is expected to reach $127.3 billion by 2027. With such exponential growth comes an excellent opportunity for online gambling providers to expand massively and become even more accessible and available to their target audiences. One way of achieving this is to make the payment process smooth, fast, and hassle-free.

Without mincing words, it is sufficient to assert that gambling and online gaming websites have become increasingly accessible to a wide range of audiences from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, this creates a challenge as most payment providers categorize this industry as high-risk.

Merchants frequently experience difficulties setting up their online gaming accounts with payment gateways. This is due to the high cases of fraud, chargebacks, and money laundering commonly experienced in specific sectors of the industry. Hence, selecting the right online gambling payment processor for your payment processing is essential.

Are you planning to operate an online gambling platform? Do you need a gambling merchant account?

In this piece, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about online gambling payment processors and merchant accounts while revealing PurePayPayments as the best online gambling service provider. But before then, let’s take a brief look at the challenges facing the online gambling industry. Read on…

Online Gambling & Casino Payment processing

Challenges Facing the Online Gambling Industry


The rapid growth of the online gambling industry comes with its attendant challenges. One of the most notable ones is an unprecedented increase in cybercrime. As a result, consumers of online gambling are often victims of cybercrime due to the exposure of sensitive personal and financial information. In most cases, these data are stolen at the point of registering an account on online gambling websites.

According to ThreatMetrix, one out of twenty new online gaming accounts is labeled fraudulent. Similarly, automated bot attacks are responsible for about 50% of daily gambling traffic during peak periods. Surprisingly, it is also worthy of note that customers are exposed to these risks right from the beginning of their journey to online gambling as their data are exposed during the registration and account creation procedures.

Hence, one of the ways to solve these is to partner with the best payment service provider. With PurePayPayments, you can rest assured of unique and advanced security features in place to protect your business and the sensitive details of your customers from fraudulent activities – right from day one.

In most cases, dealing with fraudulent cases after they happen may not be as effective as outrightly putting measures in place to prevent them. That’s why you need to find a payment service provider with a clear grasp of the specific needs of the online gambling industry and can create smart anti-fraud filters to accurately distinguish valid customers from mere fraudsters.

At PurePayPayments, we’ll implement an innovative, automated anti-fraud filter to flag fraudulent consumers and transactions 100%. Ultimately, all your consumers will seamlessly get through the payment checkout while protecting your revenue streams from zero losses.

High Risk

Apart from the high number of fraudulent cases, another challenge facing the online gambling industry is its categorization as a high-risk industry. These could be due to age restrictions, high volume turnover, money laundering, diversity of international laws, and more.

One of the primary factors you should consider when choosing a payment service provider is their ability to support online gambling. The right payment processing company can put the necessary measures in place to help you and your customers reduce the risk and enhance the safety, privacy, and security of your data. At PurePayPayments, we have a robust solution in place, such as our 3D Secure, address verification, and CVV.


Often, high stakes lead to an increased potential for the occurrence of chargebacks. Gambling is a game of emotions involving both wins and losses. Gamblers may suddenly become irresponsible and frustrated after suffering losses. As a result, they could do everything to get back their money. This may lead to going as far as contacting their credit card issuer and making false claims about the transaction.

When this happens, online gambling merchants tend to be at the losing end, as the law favors the consumer in such cases. And in most cases, consumers who get away with friendly fraud will most likely file for a chargeback at subsequent intervals. In fact, ExpertMarket reports that 40% of consumers who file a chargeback will do it again within 60 days and a customer who is successful in filing – and winning – a chargeback dispute is nine times as likely to initiate another one. Hence, the unnecessarily high rate of chargebacks in the industry is caused by the consumer’s guilt concerning gambling losses as well as the easy path of fraudulently amending their mistakes in their favor.

Fortunately, specific credit card processing companies have the right systems and solutions in place to help online gambling companies boost their chargeback dispute win rates while easily and quickly spotting friendly fraud. PurePayPayments has a solid solution equipped with cutting-edge technological capabilities to help online gambling companies prevent chargebacks and identify friendly fraud from afar.

Laws and regulations

According to Survey, the European market remains the largest online gambling market, accounting for about 49.2% of the total revenue. However, it is worthy of note that no single unified policy guiding online gambling under European Union exists. Thus, each member of the European Union is saddled with the responsibility of putting the right policy in place to guide the online gambling industry in their respective domains.

With this, online gambling merchants must stay updated with the latest developmental trends within their geographical markets. This ensures they do not find themselves in the loop of outdated regulations. For instance, some members of some regions require domestic licenses to operate their online gambling businesses, such as British and French merchants.

However, with this flexibility comes some form of similarities amongst members of the European Union in terms of regulations guiding the online gambling industry. Two of the most common regulations guiding some regions are the Know Your Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Therefore, every consumer in the online gambling space must be adequately identified. This will help reduce money laundering or other risks associated with their online gambling account.

The United States being a sovereign state, doesn’t have a single unified regulation. For instance, most locations across America in 1992 passed a law that entirely prohibited sports betting. In fact, some states in the United States do not still support sports betting, such as Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, as of today. Nevertheless, online gambling merchants are responsible for keeping themselves up to date with the latest information regarding laws and regulations guiding the online gambling industry.

Top Mistakes When Choosing Online Gambling Payment Processor

It’s not a surprise that gambling is one of the most profitable businesses that attracts many people. And one of the reasons many people venture into businesses is to make more money. However, many businesspersons in the online gambling space tend to experience some setbacks due to costly mistakes they might have made unknowingly.

Hence, it is essential to check out some common mistakes many businesspersons make when selecting a casino payment gateway for their online gambling business.

Seeking Payment Providers with the Lowest Fees

For every online gambling merchant, finding the best solution at lower fees is a top priority. Are you a gambling merchant? Do you seek a payment provider with the lowest fees possible? Remember that not all payment processors offering the lowest fees are reliable. And in fact, you’ll find several companies with lower fees that do not even cover your specific business needs.

Usually, credit card fees are determined based on three categories – the transaction, occasional, and flat fees.

The transaction fees are the fees charged based on every transaction, and the occasional fees are usually charged on exceptional occasions such as fraudulent activities, chargebacks, and others. The flat fees are charged based on the usage of a payment service provider or payment gateway. Therefore, businesspersons should focus more on payment providers or processors with features that meet the specific needs of their online gambling business and not chase cheap solutions.

Provision of Convenient Payment Options

To succeed in the online gambling industry, you need to consider your target customers when deciding on payment methods. You’ll come across clients who simply do not want to make payments with their credit cards due to security issues or even those consumers who do not want to be put through a complicated payment process. If you do not provide an alternative means, you’ll definitely lose potential target customers.

Hence, offering a wide range of alternative payment solutions for online gambling is a surefire way to reach a wide range of your target audience and broaden your horizons. Examples include e-wallets, mobile payments, contactless payments, and more. Therefore, it is essential to analyze your potential target customers and ensure that you offer convenient payment methods on the list of available ones.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Apart from the earlier mentioned, another aspect of the online gambling industry entrepreneurs fails to take cognizance of is the aspect of privacy and security. As a businessperson, every aspect of your business should be equipped with high-level protection from all kinds or forms of scams or fraudulent activities. For this reason, it is worth equipping your payment systems with third-party services such as PCI DSS. Ultimately, you’ll be able to offer a payment system with a high level of security and privacy for both the personal and financial information of you and your customers.

How Online Gambling Websites Can Accept Online Payments

With the challenges highlighted earlier, coupled with the mistakes many online gambling businesses make when choosing payment processors, there comes the need to accept payments over the internet. Online gambling operators can explore different ways to accept online payments and make profits. How is that possible?

Firstly, online gambling operations need to create a high-risk merchant account. These are usually referred to as banks, which makes it easy for businesses categorized as high risk like gambling, to receive payments via debit cards and a host of other alternative payment methods. After signing up to create a high-risk merchant account, the next step is to fund the account. Payments made will first be deposited newly created high-risk merchant account before it is transferred to the bank account of the online gambling operator.

Another alternative is the payment gateway, which helps online gambling operators and other high-risk businesses handle online transactions. Payment gateways can be obtained from merchant account providers. However, some online gambling businesses prefer to partner with a specialized merchant company like PurePayPayments to apply for a third-party payment gateway that seamlessly integrates with the merchant account provider.

The primary function of the payment gateway is to seamlessly connect the potential customer’s bank with your merchant account. Thus, creating an avenue for quick inflow of funds into your merchant account. Once authenticated, the payment subsequently flows into your online gambling bank account.

Benefits of Using Specialized Merchant Company for Gambling and Casino Payment

There are certain benefits of using a specialized merchant company like the renowned PurePayPayments for your online gambling and casino payments. Let’s briefly examine some of these benefits.

Rich Industry Experience

When looking for a merchant account for your online casino and betting business, focus on a merchant account provider with rich industry experience. With rich experience in the industry, they’ll be able to handle your business challenges and proffer effective solutions.

PurePayPayments is a specialized payment processing service provider with the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to create merchant accounts for several high-risk businesses. Therefore, our team will carefully study your business risk profile and improve your chances of getting approved.

Efficient, Effective, and 24/7 Customer Service

Great and timely customer service is excellent for every business that wants to succeed. Partnering with a high-risk merchant account service provider that is available round the clock is a game changer for your business. Whenever an online gambling company faces technical difficulties with payment, there isn’t sufficient time to waste, as a late response to those issues can cost the business a fortune.

Therefore, looking for a partner that is always available in real-time to offer customer support over the phone is essential. Look no further, as PurePayPayments is the best merchant account provider that offers 24/7 customer services without hassles.

Favorable Fee Structures

As the name implies, high-risk merchant account comes with high monthly maintenance fees. In most cases, these fees are considerably higher when compared with standard merchant accounts. You need to know that the fees vary significantly even among merchant account service providers. Hence, shopping around and negotiating fees is essential, but do not look for cheap fees. These fees are hugely dependent on the specific sector of high-risk businesses you operate as well as your transaction volume, i.e., high transaction volume means lower transaction fees. PurePayPayments will help you run a background check and select the merchant account with the lowest fees based on your sector and transaction volume.

Choosing an Online Gambling Payment Gateway; Why PurePayPayments Is Your Best Bet?

One of the most important criteria when choosing an online gambling payment gateway is its features and how it benefits your gambling business. Here are some of the essential features when looking for the best payment service provider for your online gambling and casino gateway and merchant account.

Quick Transfers

To retain your existing customers and build a large customer base, you must make your payment processes simple, quick, and hassle-free. That’s why you need to partner with a payment service provider that offers fast, seamless, and convenient payment processing times for customers, thus ensuring that you do not lose your customers to your competitors.

Low Fees

Your company’s turnover and profit margin are a reflection of your business growth. So, a payment solution implemented by a payment service provider that factors in your turnover and profit margin is a surefire way to boost your business growth. Therefore, it is recommended that you partner with an experienced payment service provider that offers competitive rates and no hidden fees.

Robust Security

Trust, reliability, and dependability are some of the fundamental principles that distinguish a good merchant account provider from a bad one. If you genuinely want to maintain trust and reliability with your target customers, you must ensure that their sensitive financial and personal data are kept safe and secured.

Many payment processing providers offer advanced technological features to detect and prevent fraud and chargebacks automatically. Therefore, you should only partner with that payment service provider that guarantees the safety, privacy, and security of your funds and other data for you and your customers.

Strong Compliance Record

To ensure that you continually operate your online gambling business while keeping a distance away from legal battles and regulations, a stellar compliance record is another feature to look out for in a payment service provider. With that, you’ll be able to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations guiding your industry and region.

How can PurePayPayments Help with a Online Gambling Merchant Account?

Payment processing is a primary reason every businessperson gets frequent headaches in the online gaming industry. This is because these industries have built a reputation of running illegitimate businesses adjudged by banks and financial corporations. In addition, you would also find out that underwriters are scared of numerous issues when processing applications.

It’s no longer a surprise that traditional banks do not even want to assess the level of risk involved when processing payments with online merchant accounts. Why? Payment processors are really taking a great deal of risk considering the potential financial burden.

Hence, they need to be more cautious as they investigate the level of risk the merchant itself is taking. You all know about these potential risks we mentioned earlier, ranging from chargebacks to unpaid bills, negative account balances, late payment scores, and low credit scores.

Therefore, online gambling businesses need to tie up any loose ends before submitting any application for online merchant accounts. Another way to get quick approval for your online gambling merchant account is to fix any bad credit score issues you might have and ensure that your debts are in good standing. In addition, you also need to have a reasonable amount of liquid assets, i.e., cash in savings. So, banks can look favorably at your account at the point of application.

PurePayPayments is a B2B platform that provides merchant accounts for e-commerce merchants with the best possible terms on the market. Our aim is to ensure that online gambling businesses and corporations get merchant accounts in banks that specialize in high-risk merchant accounts, thus, ensuring that their online gambling business is run sustainably. Our process is easy, simple, and hassle-free.

You simply submit the required documentation while we carry out the entire process to set your business right from the get-go. Thus, giving you the time to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

Our solutions at PurePayPayments are available for e-commerce businesses, offline businesses, and more. Here are some of the business models we cover in the online gambling industry:

  • Mobile gaming
  • Gaming machines/poker
  • Online casino
  • Lottery
  • Sport betting
  • Horse race betting and many more.


We’re looking forward to helping you!

Our team at PurePayPayments boast of the experience and the expertise to get online gambling businesses the kind of processing solutions they need. Whether you’ve been refused by other credit processors, or you have a long history of frequent chargebacks or even bad credit scores, we’re always ready to work with you 24/7 to get your online gaming merchant account approved in no distant time.


  • Incorporation Certificate.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Incorporation.
  • Color Passport for UBO / Shareholders / Directors.
  • Office Lease Agreement signed by both parties. Or Rental Invoice under company’s name – not older than 90 days from the date of application.
  • Business Bank Statement under company’s name and present address, showing IBAN and SWIFT – not older than 90 days from the date of application and for the last three concecutive months.
  • If Processing History is available for latest 3-6 months from the date of application – under company’s name, showing processor’s name/logo, sales, refunds, and chargebacks for each month separately.
  • If Processing History is unavailable then detailed business plan and cashflow forecast for minimum of one fiscal year. Get it here
  • Utility Bill [electricity / gas / water / rental / tax bill] from UBO / Shareholders / Directors under their name and present address – not older than 90 days from the date of application.
  • Proof of domain under company’s name, showing applying URL and date of domain renewal / expiry – preferably domain purchase receipt.
  • Local signatory is a requirement for this vertical, therefore KYC from local signatory is needed.
  • Gambling license, where it is needed.
  • AML and KYC policies.
  • Test User logins.

PurePay offers payment processing in Europe, therefore the merchant has to have a European company plus fulfill requirements needed thereto which includes having a European issued gaming/gambling license. Licenses also accepted are: Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Curacao. All Gambling merchant accounts are categorized with the 7995 MCC code, which help the payment processors identify the transactions and restrict certain countries.

The main risks within the gambling sector are money-laundering, fraud and regulation. Gambling products could be used for money transfer between people colluding with one another and/or with the house. Also included in the risk overview there is the high probability for chargebacks due to losses from their customers but we have solutions to help prevent these.

Fees that PurePay will charge depends factors like: Processing history, method of sales, Countries, Volume of sales, and products. All merchant accounts are unique but included terms stays the same for most:

  • Merchant discount rate
  • Transaction fees
  • Monthly statement fee
  • Monthly gateway fee
  • Four and a Half – Six-month rolling reserve (Depending on bank)
  • Charge back fee
  • Refund fee

PurePay provides gambling merchant accounts for e-commerce merchants with the best terms on the market and we ensure you get a bank specializing and understanding high risk industries like gambling credit card processing. Call us today if interested in getting a gambling merchant account by simply click the links below to get started. PurePay’s solution is available for e-commerce businesses, offline businesses and more.

We have a restricted/prohibited policy as these follow local laws in gambling. These countries are blocked or restricted: Brazil, China, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA (Unless providing local licenses) Popular types of gambling: Gaming Machines/Poker Lottery Online /Offline casinos Sports betting Skill based gambling And these are estimated to increase 8% annually on a worldwide basis.

The main things that impact the terms are the level of revenues that you get and whether you have documented sales history of over 3 months, not only if you have history but also how well it looks.

Yes, we do support payouts from your merchant account to the end user if they enable a payout.

Yes, we do support first time deposits.

No, at this point in time, we do not support any other licenses outside of EU excluding USA and United Kingdom.

No, we do not support payments from any blocked or illegal based countries.

Yes, we do support certain local payment methods, but ultimately it comes down to the solutions to accept or decline.

Can I get a custom offer? What are the necessary criteria?

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