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Hosted Payment Options

Our PurePay Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) provides a versatile, secure and simple entryway for your customer to purchase products and services:

  • Customers will go to your website, and here they will pick the products or services wanted and add it to their basket.
  • As soon as they have done this step, they will then be redirected to your PurePay Hosted Payment Page, they will then enter their credit card information in order to complete the payment.
  • When this has been submitted via the form, they will then be redirected back to your website, where they will land on a confirmation page or wherever it will give them an overview of their purchase via your website.
  • You can style and customize the look and feel of the HPP using PurePay’s technology.

Use our Modal Hosted Form in order to get an up to date hosted payment page that will increase sales on your website

Find our generic Api Documentation here