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About Us

PurePay came to life

Purepay was founded in november 2018 but was not incorporated till January 2019 as it started as an idea and a hobby.
But as the three months went by, we found out that there was a big hole to fill in the merchant market. 

Strong idea, better service

Our idea is built on delivering high level customer service along with competitive pricing and responsiveness.
These values are very close to us, and we live by them everyday which ensures you the best options.

Why choose us?

The answer is simple, we understand you and we have the payment options and facilities which you’re needing.
Everything ranging from local payment methods, to credit card processing. And if this wasn’t enough to entise your merchant feelers, then we also have a strong API which can be easily integrated with your webshop or project.

Where can you find us?



Who is apart of Team PurePay

We’re a team of serviceminded, hardworking, 24/7 responsive payment experts, and we want to work with you.

Chief Executive Officer & Partner


Dennis E.R. Pedersen

With a background in retail, marketing, advertising and processing. Dennis handles the day to day tasks, which includes bank relationship, advertising and business development.


Vice President & KYC Officer

Mohammad W. Jahin

Started his journey at PurePay after serving for 9 years in the marketing, peer and community management industries. He has a vision to explore tremendous possibilites as he sails with Team PurePay.


Business Development & Partnership Manager

Gerardo Martinez

Gerry comes from a background in sales and support, and will jump right in on our sales team to enhance the customer feel and ensure great services for all our customers.

Social Media Manager

The social media team is keeping our social media pages up to date which means our Facebook page, LinkedIN page, and Instagram page. Want to follow us? Click on the media above to do so.

Blog & News

Blog & News PurePay

Contributor is a blogger who has many years of experience in the blogging space and is assisting PurePay with their blog with interesting and compeling and relevant reading.

Applications Team

Applications Purepay

The applications team is who deal with your pre-submission application and they are always available to give you an overview of what is needed and missing @ [email protected]

PurePay has ambitions - Do you share them?

PurePay is a fast growing fintech company which operates in Europe and North America. We hold offices in three countries. With us your on the forefront of cutting edge technology, fast powered industry plus much much more. The online payment processing world is filled with exciting changes and innovation is always at your doorstep, so in order to grow, you must always adapt.

If you like to be pushed everyday, and learn like there was no tomorrow? Then you could be a candidate to join Team PurePay as we are always looking for not only the right people, but also the right mindset! 

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