ECOM21, we’re coming!

ECOM21 - Fasto & PurePay is there

We have some exciting news! This year the PurePay Payments team will participate in the most thrilling event for E-Commerce and Fintech industries: ECOM21! The event will take place in Riga, Latvia’s capital, in April 2023. Ready to discover the new dynamics and what the future holds? Let’s find out in this short article more about ECOM21 and why PurePay will be participating.

What brings us ECOM21

The ECOM21 is the leading international eCommerce and Fintech industry conference, gathering business leaders and decision-makers to speak about the latest trends and world challenges. Consider that the sponsors of this incredible conference are KPMG, DECTA, and MasterCard. This extraordinary event will be held in Riga on April 12 and 13 at 16 Hanzas Street.

What do we expect from ECOM 21?

  • Several engaging sessions on market trends
  • Workshops to stay ahead of the curve by mixing theory with practice
  • Inspirational speeches by top speakers
  • Networking with the most groundbreaking businesses

I’m sure I’ve convinced you to join in now!

Want to know more? Learn more about ECOM21 on the event page.

Why PurePayments will attend ECOM21

PurePayPayments has always tried to stay ahead of the future to deliver an improved service to all its customers by providing a high-quality payment gateway experience.

That is why participating in ECOM21 is an opportunity to improve and develop ourselves in the Paytech world.

Don’t miss the great chance to attend the ECOM21 event and meet the PurePay Payments CEO, Dennis Pedersen.

See you in Riga!

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