E-commerce Payment Gateway

E-commerce Payment Gateway

E-commerce payment gateway is a critical component of payment processing for merchants. It enables the transfer of funds between the merchant and customer.

While all international payment processing should be smooth, fast, secure, and trustworthy, there are other important details to consider and features to seek out when looking for a payment system.

API One simple API to integrate across all platforms to both send and receive payments. It is important for merchants’ developers to be able to easily integrate the API into their projects. It gives ease to merchants to integrate new payment options.

Plugins Your payment gateway processor should have easy-to-add plugins for convenient and cross-stream use across your e-commerce platforms.

Merchant System Integration Merchant accounts can differ from company to company and it can become confusing and expensive to juggle varying systems. A good payment gateway seamlessly integrates international merchant credit card processing from one company to another.

Fraud Management Your payment gateway must ensure that payment card processing is safe while still operating efficiently. CVC, AVS, 3DS, and other checks must be present in the system to preliminarily detect fraud.

Local Payment Method Every country in Europe is different. You must choose a payment gateway processor that supports both cross-border payments as well as local preferences. Local payment options is a popular choice by customers and this will give you an edge in the competitive markets.

With PurePay, you will get all of the best features of the top payment processors for Europe including quick payments, API-first functionality, fraud protection, multi-currency support, responsive customer support, and more.

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