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PurePay’s Approach to High-Risk Merchants

PurePay is a payment processing company with several payment methods available for its customers. It offers high-level Secure Online Gateway service, along with competitive pricing and responsiveness.

In our previous articles, we discussed high-risk merchants and their requirements. We established that these merchants need to employ secure online payment systems to reduce fraud and chargeback incidents.

In this article, we will show you how PurePay deals with høj risiko købmand,.

How PurePay Works with High-Risk Merchants

In the online payments industry, there is always a risk of scammers posing as legitimate processors. They have no license and tracking their transactions is difficult, not to mention that such businesses lack transparency and burden clients by levying unnecessary fees.

PurePay understands that transparency and openness are key elements of a successful business. When the merchant can rely on an online payment gateway that is clear and responsive, it builds up consumer trust and confidence.

PurePay will always be clear about any charges and will not impose hidden fees, like sign up or management fees, on its partner merchants. This is in contrast to other providers who often require extra payment from high-risk merchant accounts.

High-Risk Merchants Serviced by PurePay

Currently, PurePay services a number of high-risk merchant accounts. In addition, it offers loan programmes that help those previously rejected by traditional banks.

PurePay knows that high-risk merchants are more prone to chargebacks, but it can also help businesses grow more quickly.

When a business is registered with PurePay, it will ensure that all important KYC details are readily available. Then these details will be forwarded to the acquiring bank.

High-risk merchants can fully rely on PurePay as it works not just as a business service, but as a business partner too. With such services as Fraud Prevention, Online Payment Gateways, and Chargeback Prevention programmes, PurePay is ready to help businesses obtain a merchant account and start processing credit cards.

Here is a list of the types of high-risk merchants partnered by PurePay:

  1. Adult entertainment
  2. Krypto Valutaer (apply even without a rolling reserve)
  3. Gambling (not applicable for countries with certain gambling laws)
  4. CBD products
  5. Voksen Dating
  6. Nutraceuticals
  7. Pharmaceuticals
  8. Travel industry

In Summary

PurePay offers an extensive range of merchant accounts for its customers, whether they are low or high risk. It will help businesses comply with all established KYC (Know Your Customer) rules and requirements, so they do not need to worry about transparency issues.

Start processing payments with PurePay to keep your transactions safe and customers happy.

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