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Crypto currency- Game changer

Can crypto currency be a game changer in development of money? Since the introduction of Bitcoin, the hype was always there. Furthermore, the introduction of Libra is being considered to be the real deal. Sweden Central Bank governor also called Facebook’s Libra a “catalytic event”. Also, this is becoming a popular opinion.

So, the real question is, are crypto currency like Libra workable? Since, to prove itself to be the next big thing, it needs to prove itself as a “real thing”. Such an innovation is still facing speculations. Only because, concepts like blockchain can be a bit too complicated for you and me.

The existing game and crypto currency

You and I are very familiar to the concept of money. In simple terms, it is a medium of transaction for us. Also, added knowledge lets you know about the basis on which money is valued. The problem with paper money we use is, it is moving far away from its basis of storage value. Also, with the world moving towards a cashless society, introduction of an alternative to money is important.

Why is an alternate even required? Because, the way money has already been handled, it creates a way of providing power to the one having more possession. Thus, money works as a tool to fuel world market dominance and market injustice. Crypto currency breaks that chain!

Crypto currency and cashless economy

So, is it providing a power that cash can’t? Yes. You have all this time thought of financial freedom at an individual level but this form of money ensures it for the mass. Thus, this is why we consider it as a game changer.

Why can’t credit cards be an alternative to cash? At the end of the day, credit cards too are part of a system that we want to be freed from. Therefore, it is not only is a tool but also a mechanism to provide you independence from a system that drives your every move. Also, they do it only for their own benefit and you have little to gain.

How to bring the ball in your court?

Imagine incorporating such online payment system merged with crypto currency. Online buying is becoming the most integral part of our life. Therefore, with online payment systems like PurePay, online buying gets even easier.  PurePay even helps you to have high risk merchant accounts for people involved in crypto currency processing.

Above all, the financial market gets to be free from invaders seeking to make undeserved benefit from the market. So, crypto currency makes life easier and you get what you deserve. Also, you may someday be able to transact your merchant account of your high-risk industry through crypto currency. Who knows!

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