Better Hospitality with PurePay Payments

Better Hospitality with PurePay Payments

    Check-in, Check-out – Hospitality with PurePay

Better Hospitality with PurePay PaymentsAs one of the ambitious payment providers in Europe, we offer payment solutions tailored to the specific needs of the hospitality industry. Create a streamlined payment experience for your valued guests at all stages in the journey from booking and check-in, to the restaurant, bar or spa, all the way through check-out.

Happy Serving

Offering Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to your international guests enables them to pay in their local currency and to know the exact amount they will see on their card statement. Customers will be happy being able to pay in their local currencies. You will be happy being able to serve more customers who prefers to pay with local currency. Alongside offsite payment solutions, we also provide onsite point-of-sale materials if you require. Easily track your DCC performance on your statement, which you can easily access online anytime via customer portal/dashboard provided to you by us.

      Point-of-Sale and Mobile Point-of-Sale

Better Hospitality with PurePay PaymentsWhether your guests walk up to your cash counter, or you bring the cash counter to them – PurePay provides you with a choice of your own. Serve food and drinks, run bar-tabs and offer room service: mPOS systems connect with payment terminals and link every aspect of your business’s in-person payments journey.

Off-site Hospitality

Use Virtual Terminal to take payments from customers over the phone. Easy to implement and use, Virtual Terminal is an in-browser solution for the guests who prefer the comfort of making their booking by phone in advance. As an add-on, you can also offer your customers to pay-by-link if they feel insecure to provide card details to your staff.

      Taking Care of You

Better Hospitality with PurePay PaymentsConsult with our relationship managers on every aspect of your payment solution. Our team will always be around to assist you, helping you get the most out of your technology, analyzing payment reports or updating you on scheme compliance or commercial matters.

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