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fraud season

I was on Computerworld.com where i was reading about that from Thanksgiving to 31. December 2017 fraud transactions grew, and it sadly doesn’t amaze me. Since we have been seeing growing numbers in our own portfolio and it seems like it is getting easier to scam etc.

BUT a 31% growth is just nuts and it is definitely in these times where fraud programs like Kount, ReD Shield, different chargeback filters and others is needed. This will help your shop or project from seeing more fraud so you will see more successful and sustainable sales.

ACI Worldwide was stating that sales in total grew 16%, which shows more and more people goes online to do their purchases, subscriptions, and what else is available in the crazy growing online world!

My hopes were big on seeing some statistics about mobile & tablet growth, see what numbers would be in regards to sales from devices over computer. In the later years we have noticed a desktop drop from first place down to second place. This is based upon visitors on our portfolio, so we have followed that trend very closely. And focused a lot of energy on recommending merchants to focus on mobile adaption.

It’s a good time to be a online merchant if you know your market and is good at targetting it. But with that said, you can never get to much protection when it comes to chargebacks and fraud. If you are in the online business now or wanting to make sure to adapt mobile friendliess to your project as this will help with sales and won’t hurt (maybe take more time) but never hurt.

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